financial report card

If you’re going to trust me to give you personal finance advice, you probably want to know how well I handle my own finances. That’s only fair, so here’s my financial report card.

Last updated: 12/17/2014

Credit Score (via CreditKarma): 756 (“excellent”); “A” in all categories save “credit history” and “credit inquiries” (I recently applied for a new card with better rewards).

Credit Card Balance: $0

Student Loan Debt: $0

Auto Loan Debt: $0

Mortgage Debt: Recently refinanced to a 15 year mortgage, last payment will be in January 2026. Current equity: 48% (I owe 52% of the latest Zillow estimate).

Emergency Savings: 3 months’ living expenses.

Car Savings: On target to buy a Tesla model 3 in 2017.

College Savings: On target to pay for 100% of four-year Texas public school educations in 2024 and 2026.

Retirement Savings: According to the historical models at, on target for a near-100% chance to retire at 60 (in 2038). However, this assumes current Social Security practices; look for this estimate to change in the next few years.

Note: I don’t include actual numbers here, because that makes some folks uncomfortable. However, if you’re curious, I’ll happily divulge whatever you’d like to know; I have no problem talking about my personal financial situation. Just drop me a line.

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